Moin Hamburg!

Our Trip to Hamburg

Great View from the Tower of St. Michael

On the Tower of St. Michael

To broaden our horizon, we, class FTA1 planned to visit Hamburg for four days shortly before the summer holidays. Our trip started on Monday morning at 7 o´clock at the train station at Stuttgart. After a little more than five hours we arrived at the main station in Hamburg where we started our first tour of the city which was promised to be short but actually took four hours. But we were paid off with a great view from the tower of St. Michael and a long walk through the old Elbtunnel and back since unfortunately the ferry did not arrive as promised. But finally we were able to eat our first “Fischbrötle” at the “Landungsbrücke 10” before taking the ferry for a short tour of Hamburg harbour, “door to the world”. We got even more information during a guided city tour the following day and were quite fascinated to hear about Hamburg’s history like the huge fire in 1842 which destroyed a large part of the city but of course all the stories about Herbertstraße and Reeperbahn were as interesting. After so much knowledge gained, of course it was time for … another “Fischbrötle”.

We started our next day with a guided tour of Airbus which was rather disappointing because our guide was not very enthusiastic but the security staff was which meant one of us was not allowed to attend the tour since his passport was expired.
During another tour titled “Below the harbor” we got a lot of information about Hamburg during World War II and its bunkers but unfortunately we were not able to see a bunker from inside, only an underground car park which had been a bunker before.
Of course Airbus and bunkers is not everything Hamburg has got to offer: Miniaturwunderland, Astra Urtyp, Speicherstadt (warehouse city), Reeperbahn, St. Pauli, Sternschanze, Hafenrundfahrt, Elbphilharmonie, Fischbrötchen :-) ….
Four days are not enough to visit all the unique places in Hamburg but we managed quite a lot of them and we learnt that you should never answer “Morgen” to “Moin”. Our trip to Hamburg was a big success and we would recommend it to everyone.


class FTA1, 2018/2019